The Mick

Try this on for size. When Mickey won the Triple Crown in 1956, there was no live ball, no steroids and no expansion. He hit 52 home runs, drove in 130 runs (RBI) and batted .353. His slugging percentage was .705.

I am of that generation that Billy Crystal and Bob Costas spoke about so eloquently. It is not really possible to understand unless you have experienced it. Mickey was larger than life. There was no pervasive media to expose the flaws that are a part of every man. When he died in 1995, I cried. Whenever I see the video clip of his last news conference and he talks about not having taken care of himself and not to be like he was, I get choked up. This was a man who was larger than life in a simpler time. Check out this site to read the Mickey Mantle Eulogy by Bob Costas.