Yankees Win 6-5 To Take Series Against D-Backs

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This was a tough series emotionally for me and my son because of the 2001 World Series. We were at all the games and it took last year’s championship to finally wash the bad taste out of my mouth. However, there was still the need to take care of business in this series and this game was a fitting conclusion. The Yanks couldn’t score RISP all game and it was looking bad until Curtis hit the eventual GW home run in the top of the tenth inning.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Okay, now we have Mariano starting his second inning in the bottom of the tenth after batting in the top of the inning. Bloop single by Drew and a double by Upton and we have second and third, no outs. Intentional walk to Montero to load the bases. Shades of 2001…. no freaking way I want to be in that ugly ballpark with the possibility of Mo being on the mound with Arizona celebrating a walk off win. Oh, Joe of little faith. Young fouled out to Cervelli…. one out. LaRoche popped out to A-Rod…. two outs. Reynolds strikes out. Game over. Yankees win. THEEEEE YANKEES WIN!

Holy shit.