Yankees Beat Lee & Ryans 7-6

AP Photo

Man, I thought this was a loss for sure. The Yanks chipped away and knocked future Yankee Cliff Lee from the game before getting to the Rangers bullpen. Marcus Thames went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI and gave us the lead in the top of the ninth. The Captain went 3 for 5 and when Mo gave up a lead off triple to Elvis Andrus to open the ninth, I have to admit that I was sweating it. What did the great Rivera do? Bloop fly to right that Austin Kearns made close with a great shoe string catch. MLB’s leading hitter Josh Hamilton meekly hits a come-backer to Mo, who checks the runner at third and buckles down for the third out to Vladimir Guerrero. Next, Vlad hits a weak grounder to A-Rod. Game over. Sweet!!!!