Me driving past the old Stadium

My father was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan so he had no use for the Yankees. However, when I was a kid I wanted to see the Mick so he took me to a doubleheader at Yankee Stadium and we sat in the bleachers. I do not remember who won or anything other than the experience of being with my dad and what Billy Crystal spoke of, about seeing the field for the first time in color. I was hooked. I used to ditch high school on opening day to see the Mick play. The Yankees were not very good in the late 1960’s. I didn’t care. I saw Mel Stottlemyre hit an inside the park grand slam. I saw Mickey hit one out. Then I broke my toe because I got it caught between two subway cars while riding between the cars. Go figure.

When I took my son with me to NY when he was 16 years old, we went to a Yankees game. I wanted to take him, like my father took me. He has been a Yankees fan since he was a little kid. I did at least one thing right.

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